Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Map Of Power Plant Nuclear In The World..

Now, we can know that what happened in the nuclear power plant's field and the flow of nuclear reactor built in the world


  1. Hello,
    It can be clearly seen that the most amount of nuclear plants are in Western Europe, orient, and in the eastern seaboard of North America. This is obvious as the countries in this region are touted to be the superpowers of the world. However, its sad to see that practically the whole continent of Africa is void of nuclear energy. This is understandable, as many African nations are in poverty, and under a corrupt and inept regime. But there is hope for Asia. With countries like VIetnam, India, and Malaysia planning to build nuclear reactors in the near future,I believe that one day, the will be many 'RED-DOTS' in Asia !


  2. yes, u r right.

    now, the largest NPP users IN ASIA are :

    3.Republic of Korea (ROK)

    And believe or not, they are currently still continously building new NPP in their countries! ROK and japan are ahead faster in term of R&D for new Generation IV.they will start commissioning gen IV NPP by 2030.

  3. many European country use nuclear power plant now a days.. so we Asian must catch up what the European had achieved to avoid us from left behind.

    muhammad fikri bin baharudin

  4. thanks for supporting us.

    btw, it is glad to hear that youth nowadays get to know better / have better awareness regarding potential usage of Nuclear Power Plant (NPP)in Malaysia.

    keep it up!!!

  5. interesting figures. could you tell me though why some countries in europe are considering demissioning nuclear power plants or even considered illegal based on the figures shown?

    Lim Sze Yoong

  6. well,some of the european countries certainly banned nuclear or considered illegal is because of it might create a war in certain countries if missused,it.Besides that ,It was essentially a criminal operation, a more disturbing and dangerous operation,if a terrorist attack using nuclear weapon,for example countries like,LIBYA etc